How it all started

My name is Christen and I've lived in London for the past 10 years - working hard as a corporate banker, studying hard to qualify as a chartered accountant, and playing hard.

I've always loved being incredibly busy, synonymous with living, achieving and being happy. To some extent that has been true.
Until a series of medical investigations made me realise that living at 100 miles an hour was perhaps not worth endangering my vital organs. Could there be a compromise? 
I started paying attention to my physical and mental wellbeing for the first time - I discovered CBD in 2018 and reading about it intrigued me - I couldn't understand why we were not talking more widely about a compound with so many possible benefits.
After experimenting with how I can incorporate it into my life (I didn't particularly enjoy the drops) I settled on coffee - the productive meeting the soothing. Self care without stopping. Calm but kick ass!

My Lifeline was born.

Join me in living your best life in a more sustainable way - for your body, your mind and the planet.


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