About My Lifeline

Who is behind My Lifeline?

Me - Christen. 

Originally from Belgium, I have lived the crazy London life for the last 10 years - working hard as a corporate banker, studying hard to qualify as a chartered accountant, and playing hard. I wasn't paying attention to my physical or mental wellbeing - and I realised this before it was too late. 

The thing is, I enjoy living at 100 miles an hour. But it is time to do it in a more sustainable way - for my body, my mind and the planet.

Hence my current quest to give activity and self care equal weights!


The mission: helping you find a Lifeline

I want to promote wellbeing without compromising busy lifestyles. Augmenting your cold brew coffee by combining it with CBD and other botanicals is the first step in that direction - balancing caffeine for alertness with cannabidiol for composure.


Get in touch

- If you are considering stocking our products

- If you want to know more about our products, CBD or any other ingredient

- If you want to say hello, other have any feedback or questions

Contact me at christen@my-lifeline.co.uk or 07747 735 153.