The 3 Best Ways To Drink Cold Brew Coffee

I remember vividly the first time I drank some of my mother's black filter coffee as a child - what an unpleasant experience! I abandoned the idea for many years before coming back to it as I realised there were different ways to drink coffee (and I found out what works for me).

This may surprise you. I didn't use to like drinking cold brew either! This is because I was not familiar with the best ways to serve it. Here is how.

1. With milk/mylk/m*lk

Whether you are ok with the dairy element or not, this is hands down the best way to drink cold brew. We tend to use the barista-standard organic oat milk from Minor Figures.

It softens the strong taste and high caffeine content unleashed through the cold brewing process, while adding some degree of sweetness to our sugar-free cold brews.

75% of our customers tell us that this is their preferred way of drinking any kind of cold brew.

2. On ice

This may be obvious but whatever you end up adding to your cold brew coffee, making sure it is ice cold is essential.

Adding ice will also dilute it slightly, which is no bad thing given cold brew coffee tends to have a higher caffeine content than your average americano.

Don't leave it too long however - a watery cold coffee is certainly not what we are going for here!

3. In a smoothie

I know this sounds a little far fetched but hear me out. 

If you drink unflavoured cold brew coffee such as our original one, your tastebuds may notice the absence of sugar. Our pallets have come to expect further sweetness as we are so accustomed to finding it in almost everything we eat. 

Adding cold brew to a smoothie is the perfect solution - instead of adding sugar or sweetener, make it a bigger affair and include it as an ingredient in your favourite smoothie.

I particularly like Babaganosh's banana breakfast smoothie and highly recommend trying this very simple and healthy recipe!


Do you have another, original way to have cold brew coffee? If so, share it with us, we would love to hear about it!

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  • Khaleelah Jones

    In an espresso martini 🍸 it’s superb!

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